Monday, June 13, 2016

Confession #522

NEW  _i7_argh! patio chair_shabby The Liaison Collaborative 6/7-6/30
NEW  _i7_the log sidetable_bare LTD The Event 6/12-6/26
NEW  _i7_the log sidetable_casanova LTD The Event 6/12-6/26
NEW  uK - Open Seas Curtains Teal Lg The Liaison Collaborative 6/7-6/30
NEW  uK - Summer Art Storm at Sea LTD The Event 6/12-6/26
NEW  uK - Summer Art Restless Shores LTD The Event 6/12-6/26
NEW  _i7_old wall anchor The Liaison Collaborative 6/7-6/30
 = MoteL 14 = String Light Set  MarketPlaceLink
MarketPlace Promo until 6/20  uK - StiKs Lights_Dark Wood unKindness MarketPlace
NEW  _i7_manly candle_canyon fire LTD The Event 6/12-6/26
NEW  _i7_manly candle_twilight rain LTD The Event 6/12-6/26
NEW  _i7_manly candle_the woods LTD The Event 6/12-6/26
I guess I need to start off explaining this post a bit LOL. So the designer of these chairs tables and candles (Poe Rozenberg) sent these items out and in the box was the sweetest note to the bloggers, yes I read your notes :P, but anyway in this note he says to put the chair on your head jokingly. Well I was bored and a lil stuck in the middle of a set up so I decided why not and there you have it me with a chair on my head. Just in case you are wondering what im wearing in the post my body is Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara which is by far my favorite simply because it comes preloaded with Glam affair Skins (I adore these skins) which brings me to this skin -Glam Affair - December skin - Asia 01. My hair is Magika - 01 - Checkpoint (I have been a huge Magika fan since my very first non free hair in SL . My top is Fucking Lovely "Virtually Famous" Tank Top, I adore this top for so may reasons first of all it has a massive hud that you can do just about anything with and lets all be honest who doesnt love to show a lil underboob .My shorts are from the ever so talented Gizem Mishi Akin, Blueberry - Lola Shorts. There are many things I absolutely adore about blueberry her mesh fits the bodies perfectly and her ass is the best ass in sl in my humble opinion. Now how about these shoes OMG I have wanted some shoes like these for years in SL and thankfully mesh and KenadeeCole Resident made these possible these are REIGN.- Thigh High Sneakers, Needless to say I am a huge fan of reign and have been for years one of my favorite things about reign shoes is when you buy a pair you get the same shoes made for multiple bodies how awesome is that. Now about this amazing furniture and Decor, All furniture and decor was made by Jamie Rozenberg and Poe Rozenberg these two keep me laughing with their facebook posts not to mention the amazing things they send us to blog. I edited most of the candles in this post to make them taller for the look I was going for and also one of the tables I sort of turned into a coffee table to complete the room. but you too can do this with a lil bit of editing if you want. I think Ive been long winded enough for today. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this, CG HOlfe