Thursday, March 17, 2016

Confession #462

uK - Cottage Entry Table Stand The Chapter Four
 !gO! Love my doll - Pola The Secret Affair
{anc} garden. whitebook 4Li a.n.c Ltd
=Zenith=Vintage wooden frame - Milk Zenith
 !gO! Love my doll - Ewa The Secret Affair
{anc} garden. macaron 2Li a.n.c Ltd
=Zenith=Vintage Fancy Little End Table (tiffany) Zenith
!gO! Love my doll - Majka The Secret Affair
dust bunny . blossoming flowers Dust Bunny
{anc} garden. rose 6Li. RARE a.n.c Ltd
 !gO! Love my doll - Zosia The Secret Affair
!gO! Love my doll - Stroller with doll - Blue The Secret Affair
dust bunny . delilah chair . pink Dust Bunny
uK - Industrial Frame 1 White The Liaison Collaborative
dust bunny . spring reading Dust Bunny
{anc} garden. soda 1Li a.n.c Ltd
 {anc} garden. pinksoda 1Li a.n.c Ltd
  !gO! Love my doll - Majla The Secret Affair
 {anc} garden. oldbook4Li a.n.c Ltd
 uK - Industrial Frame 3 Colors The Liaison Collaborative
=Zenith=Vintage frame with dress (Milk) Zenith
 uK - Industrial Frame 2 Colors The Liaison Collaborative
 {anc} garden. pinkbook 4Li a.n.c Ltd
 dust bunny . rose table . pink Dust Bunny
 =Zenith=Bird cage with flowers Zenith